Week 9 Recap

After 9 weeks the league is:

1st place is only 9 wins ahead of 12th place which means that it’s still anyone’s ball game. On to the week.

  • South Philly Leisure Sports took 3 of 4 from Rooster Illusion led by another big week from Nichole, who has been bowling on fire. Her 641 series paved the way for a game 1 win and  a game 2 blowout. Looking to take 1, Rooster Illusion fought back with solid bowling to take game 3. Consistency has been plaguing RI for most of this season. Greg Mortka found some rhythm bowling 11 pins over average.
  • Pocket Pounders jumped up the standings and handed Banana Split 3 losses. Jim and Mike carried Rick for a game 1 victory bowling 202 and 213. Not to disappoint, Rick went 200 in game 2 with Mike rolling a league high 255 to take game 2. Banana Split rebounded in game 3 behind a 224 from Mike Richman who rolled a 656 series, tops of the night.
  • The Cheerleaders took 4 much needed wins from the Manly Men in a close bout. Strong bowling from Alan and Nick gave CGC the edge as they rolled 18 and 17 pins above their average respectively. The Manly Men had two absent bowlers who if anyone from the team reads this, should have them pre-bowl. Giving away 10 pins to an absent bowler is a sure fire way to play from behind the eight ball.
  • The bye week is supposed to be 4 wins, right? Not so fast. The team in 1st place gave the rest of the league a chance to catch up as they only took one against the bye due to some unfortunate circumstances and average bowling. Enough said.
  • After getting abused in the finals last year by Strike You, Prestige Worldwide finally had some redemption with Sam Stortz being the backbone. Noteworthy is Justin Wildon is back from his knee injury and nearly back to old form. Sam rolled his season best series at 651 and carried our team with the help of a 604 from Evan. Strike You took game 2 with a monster 871 game behind a 190, 212, 244, and 225 from Greg, Trevor, Eric, and Justin.
  • Revenge of the Split took no mercy on Bowling Green Massacre as they won 3 of 4 games. Nicole and Christina managed to be within 1 pin of each other’s series which must have been some sister coincidence. Kurt bowled great games and finished 28 pins above his average which I would guess was near a league best. Andrew Brennan has shown flashes of brilliance with his 196 in game 1.  Greg needed a few more shots to kick start his game.
  • Anything But the Bottom continues the trend of avoiding the bottom as they stole 3 from 2nd place Two Strikes Short of a Turkey. When you carry the highest average of the league, you don’t have much room for error and Rich had an off night, combined with an absent bowler, which led to the loss. Brittany rolled 15 pins above her average to add to the already handicapped score.