Week 4 Recap

The standings are tightening.

Gutterfingers vs Two Strikes Short of a Turkey – Solid team rolling by TSSofT put up a 2372 series which was 2nd best of the week and a 3-1 record. Led by #1 series of the week 678 by Warren Umali, TSSofT got off to a strong start winning game 1 by 56. Gutterfingers retaliated with a beast of a game from Jason Bailey (276) to take game 2. The final game saw TSSofT win decisively by 55 pins to take the series. Outside of Warren, both Stephen and Jason put up 600+ series, 621 & 636 respectively. TSSofT are looking to dig themselves out of an early season hole while Gutterfingers are sitting in the thick of things at 9-7.

Banana Split vs Manly Men – Pulling a Cleveland Cavaliers, Banana Split is finding some turmoil after winning the 1st half of the season. The latest battle showed Manly Men coming alive with a clean sweep of BS. Not getting into details, but this game was Manly Men from start to finish. They improve to 9-7 after trying to find their groove in the 1st half. Aaron Drapeylo showed some mettle rolling 26, 11, and 22 pins over his average each game. The true hero of the match though goes to Chris Bartell who rolled 32 pins over his average on the whole. The unique 6 person strategy paid off for the Manly Men. Banana Split suffered from an absent bowler and the team rolling good games at different times.

Rooster Illusion vs Bowling Green Massacre – In a tough spot for Rooster Illusion being 2 bowlers down, they fell victim to a Bowling Green Massacre. Despite a strong showing from Jeff Watts and a 189 average for the night, it was just BGM’s night. Andrew Brennan is finding his groove with a 500+ series. Kitty, Dom, and Ben all bowled near or above average and it was too much for 2 blinded bowlers. The sweep brings BGM out of the basement and looking to continue to roll.

Rack City vs Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club – Hats off to the Gentleman’s Club for coming to bowl on this Monday. Alan Drazen bowled like a man possessed rolling a 527 series which was nearly 40 pins above his average. Not to be outdone, Mike Reiter rolled the same exact series score. Rack City was lucky to take 1 at the end with some strong performances from Chris, Scott, and Frank in game 3 (216, 206, 230). Happy Birthday to Rich who was on track for a nice birthday series, but fell short in game 3. Rack City drops to 4th in the standings as the Gentleman’s Club looks to take this momentum into next week.

Revenge of the Split vs Bye – Always hard to analyze what happened against a bye, and it’s not really my favorite part, but I’ll do it anyway. Christina rolled a 204 in game 2 which was a nice game. Neil rolled good games 1 and 2 but the teams inconsistency caused them to lose 2 games against themselves.

South Philly Leisure Sports vs Pocket Pounders – #1 team coming into week 4 pushed the Pocket Pounders to a 2-2 tie much to their own dismay after winning the first 2 games. PP can thank Rick K’s 290 in game 3 to even the score. Who knew Rick had that in him after a 189, 163 start? Ever steady Nichole lead SPLS’s with a 639 series. The Pounders  got off to a slow team start only to sort of come alive in game 3. South Philly continues to lead the standings but the margin is shrinking. PP is looking to start putting up some winning weeks to fight back in contention.

Strike You vs Prestige Worldwide – Easiest to write about because I was there. Strike You had game 1 in the bag, but a turkey in the 10th by Jordan, and then a dual strike by me as the anchor, forced Eric to roll a decent count in the 10th and he went through the nose. Everyone was a tad stunned. PW took advantage of the momentum shift to take game 2. Game 3 was a pumped up Strike You rolling the high team game of the night but it wasn’t enough to take the total pins. PW moves into a tie with Strike You for 2nd in the standings. Good bowling overall with a 655 series from Justin, a 650 series from Eric, a 610 series from Trevor, a 658 series from Tom, and a 596 series from Jordan.

Anything But The Bottom vs Broad Street Bowlers – Anything But the Bottom took game 1 by 31 pins but that was the only bright side for the match. The BSB’s used a combination of big games from random bowlers to dispatch of the Bottom’s to a 3-1 game. Karl’s 157 was 56 pins over average and Kyle’s 149 was 42. Anything but the Bottom had an off night.

Week 4 MVP

Aside from Rich, I can’t imagine anyone else sees the scores like I do so my basis will be actual score vs expected score.

Winner: Andrew Brennan & Alan Drazen

Andrew was 42 pins over avg and Alan was 38, which was tops of the week. It should be added that these scores allowed their teams to sweep and win 3 games (against a top opponent).

Runner’s Up: Warren Umali & Rick K.

Warren had the top series of the night with a 678 and Rick’s 290 game will be posted as his high career score (correct me if I’m wrong).