Week 3 Recap

Wow. Wow. A lot of action. A lot of action.

Broad St Bowlers vs Strike You – A David vs Goliath matchup that ended in a 3-1 edge towards Strike You. I did happen to see the 2nd game in which the Bowlers took and let’s just say it was improbable. Coming down to the anchor, Ryan needed a mark to ice the game. He threw a 1. Eric L struck (I think) and Ryan had all the pressure on his shoulders. With his mighty slingshot he launched his projectile at the pins and sealed the victory. The other games were a bit lop sided carried by monster games of 246 and 256 by Trevor and Greg in game 1, and then a 233 by Eric in game 3. Trevor’s 639 led Strike You. Ryan’s 163 secured game 2 for the Bowlers as their averages are now set and they can start improving as the season continues.

Rack City vs Revenge of the Split – Rack City continues pressing forward with another 3-1 week and residing in 3rd place after a strong 1st half performance. From what I understand, it was Neil’s birthday and I’m sure he was celebrating with water and cake and definitely not shots of whiskey. RofS got off on the right foot taking game 1 behind nice games from Rich Gottlieb and Josh Schoppe. Neil’s 183 in game 2 wasn’t enough to overcome Rack City’s 849 team game lead by Scott’s 258 and Chris’s 219. Game 3 had some magic behind it and was easily won by Rack City. That magic included a perfect game by Scott G. which can be seen here.  Let’s shoot for a few more from the league moving forward. Nice series all around from Rack City with Michelle rolling a 595, Chris with a 638, and Scott with a 728. Birthday boy Neil rolled about 8 pins over average with a nice 514 series. Rich Curro, who cares the most, will rebound big next week, you have my prediction.

Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club vs the Bye – The bye managed to take a game from CG which is always frustrating, but let’s not forget, it could be worse. Besides Mike’s clunker in game 1, the team rolled consistent and well.

Gutterfingers vs Bowling Green Massacre – The massacre is continuing as Gutterfingers jumped on Jason Bailey’s back. Newcomer (to the league), Jason slammed his way to a 708 series behind big 192, 268, and 248 games. The rest of the team also stepped up as Karrianne, Steve, and Paul all rolled well above their averages which will take some games to stabilize and makes this a dangerous team. Bright spot Andrew  Brennan rolled 23 pins over his average for the night and Dom started to get a feel for his new ball. I know times are rough for Bowling Green, but I think there is plenty of potential in their future.

Rooster Illusion vs Banana Split – How the tale of two halves is developing. 1st half winner Banana Split was pecked to death by a Rooster non-Illusion. Rooster Illusion was led by possessed Michael Zimmerman who gets MVP for the night. His 615 series was 60 pins over average (and that’s factoring in that score into his prior) and he obviously had it going. These types of performances are what it takes to sweep solid teams. It helped that his team was providing enough back up and Banana Split had no answer. Joey rolled a fine 582 as an absent bowler and an off night from Mike Richman dropped 4 games. RI sits in 4th place and looking to do some damage.

Prestige Worldwide vs Anything But the Bottom – It’s easy to write about my own game because I was there. We took the first 2 and our team was looking to play for the sweep. Unfortunately for us, Brittany, Melvin, and Chris came alive for game 3 to even the score as we settled for a 2-2 tie. Sam and Jordan got little back up from their team with 614 and 591 series respectively. I want to take this sentence and give respect to Anything but the Bottom and their dedication to the game. I doubt Melvin reads this but his series was nearly 30 pins over his average and real improvement isn’t far away. A little more discipline in his pre-roll routine could make serious strides. I’ll say the same for Brittany and Chris who were 5 and 20 pins over as well. I enjoy this team’s enthusiasm for the game.

Manly Men vs Pocket Pounders – The Pounders got back to their winning ways taking 3 vs the Manly Men. Led by Patrick’s 672 series, with 3 games over 200, the Pounders got off to a good start winning the first 2 games only to relent to a handicapped 805 by the Men in the last game.  The Manly Men had a line up of 6 people which is kind of cool seeing who had the hot hand. Led by steady David Castro’s 568 series, the Men were able to take 2 with Mitch Gyger stepping up with a 167 (50 pins above average).

South Philly Leisure Sports vs Two Strikes Short of a Turkey – Longest team names battling it out to a 3-1 victory by SPLS. A newly revived team now holds the coveted 1st place in the league through 3 weeks at 11-1. This team showed some serious resolve by taking game 1 by 37, losing game 2 by 37, and then (and I’m guessing) Nichole dismantling Rich Anderson in the final game to win by 6 pins for game 3 and the total. That’s a complete joke obviously but this is what I’m talking about if anyone wants to feed me what actually happened. I’ve seen both teams bowl better average wise and we’ll chalk that up to lanes 15 and 16 and that godforsaken wall that couldn’t be built two feet further right.

Week 3 MVP

Let’s introduce this section as another fun thing to do that will be me determining who I feel helped their team benefit the most based on expectation.

Winner: Michael Zimmerman

No questions asked. You bowl 60 pins above your average and your team goes 4 and 0.

Runner Ups – Jason Bailey & Scott Gingrich

I don’t know a whole lot about Jason’s game but 700 series are nice by whoever. I’ll try to keep Scott’s name off this list but it’s hard to do that when the guy is throwing 300’s. Nice job gentlemen.