Week 2 Recap

Let’s jump right in.

Bowling Green Massacre vs South Philly Leisure Sports – Looks like there is a new sheriff in town. SPLS going ham to start the season winning their first 8 games. The latest whipping post was the BGM who is still searching to find their early season form. I have a question regarding this game but now is not the place. Anthony and his new ball came to play rolling a 561 series which is about 17 pins over average. Chris wasn’t far behind with a +14 and Nichole continued her quality play with a very consistent 661 series and bumping her average to a few shades below 200.

Rooster Illusion vs Pocket Pounders – These are the type of games where I wish I had some deeper bowling analysis of how it played out. PP is coming off of great bowling last week (not a great result) and this week it was like a different team showed up. Rooster Illusion took advantage winning game 1 handily, then edging game 2 before PP came back to take the 3rd but it wasn’t enough for total pins. Jeff Watts came to play rolling heat in game 1 (213) finishing with a 562 series (+20). Ed Mount picked up the slack in game 2 with a +42 over average game and Mike Zimmerman killed it in game 3 with a +33 game. It wasn’t until the 3rd game when PP rolled an 818 series, but that was only enough to go 1-3.

Gutterfingers vs Banana Split – 1st half winners Banana Split took 3 from The Gutterfingers in a spot where games 2 and 3 were decided by 13 pins each. BS got started hot with an 813 team game to put a big lead on the board. GF fought back bowling their averages while BS fell apart (aside from Mike Richman). Game 3 was tight but was eventually won by BS. Nice 660 series by Mike Richman who earns the consistency award for hitting the pocket.

Rack City vs Broad Street Bowlers
– The grizzled vets vs the newbies. In surprising fashion, the new guys took game 1 and developed a 40 pin led by the +50 game by Karl G. The 2nd game evened up the score with Rack City rolling an 803 team game driven by a 234 and 236 games by Chris and Scott. Game 3 saw Michelle rattle off strike after strike for a 233 which was too much for the BSB’s. Rich, I need more to have you make the write up.

Strike You vs Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club – These two teams have a long history and Strike You wasn’t thinking about anything but the future taking all 4 games in rout fashion. Robert White wasn’t fucking around throwing a 257 in our high game for the night and Eric L continued his strong performance with a 657 series. Strike You also set the league high team total for the night with a 2421. Alan Drazen’s 190 was the high point for the Gentleman’s club as they struggle to find their early season footing.

Two Strikes Short of a Turkey vs Manly Men – Manly Men showed up to take 3 of 4 from TSSofT who I’m sure was none too pleased. Chris Garber threw a +50 2nd game and Chris Bartell was +40 which is near unbeatable. It wasn’t like TSSofT bowled that poorly, but Manly Men rolled on their averages with a few outliers, which was more than they could overcome.

Anything But the Bottom vs Revenge of the Split – Nichole Marchesani rolled 21 pins above her average for the series and was above all 3 games and the MVP of the match. This bumped the team to a 3 and 1 night in hard fought games. Total pins was decided by a mere 9 pins. Chris Leffibine tried to keep his team close with a 192 3rd game, but it fell just a bit short. RotS moves to 5-3 while ABtB goes to .500.

Prestige Worldwide vs the Bye – We lost a game against the bye and bowled like sheeeeeet. ‘Nuff said.

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