Week 12 Recap

3 more Monday’s remain until the end of the first half. The top is relatively crowded and 4-0 weeks can turn the tides quickly.  Brackets and the Strike Jackpot will go up tomorrow but I left my shit in the car. I don’t know what to say about the music situation. Management has been alerted and their is an obvious disconnect between what the DJ wants to play and what the league wants to hear. What’s odd to me is that if you are the DJ, wouldn’t you be considered a good DJ if you played what the crowd wanted and vice versa? Business 101, it’s all about the audience. Onward.

  • Big matchup with near equal records and SPLS rolled a big fat doughnut. Hats off to Anything But The Bottom who continues their steady play with wins week in week out to currently reside in 6th place and well within striking distance. Let’s give credit for the pun where credit is due. Nichole’s 635 series was unable to make up for the absent bowler and medium team support. Bobby Rodgers blew the roof off with a 661 series and got nice help from Brittany who rolled 16 pins above her average.
  • Rack City vs Pockets Pounders was a match with 2 solid teams who are hungry for wins. Scott G’s 791 series set a new league high with monster 2nd and 3rd games of 276 and 279 (game 3 at 236 wasn’t too shabby either). Rich Curro and Michelle added nice support with a 614 & 556 series which was 20 pins and 16 above avg respectively. The Pounders got off to another slow start losing game 1 and game 2 and then coming alive for a big game 3 that saw an 850 game. Michael and Jim both rolled 615 series.
  • Rooster Illusion took care of business to pick up the much needed 4 wins to keep them in the running if they can pull off some sweeps moving forward. Ed Mount rolled 3 nice games that were 18 pins above average for the series.
  • Banana Split is giving Two Strikes Short of a Turkey some uncomfortable breathing room at the top taking 3 games against Bowling Green Massacre. These were hard fought games by both teams with BS taking the edge. Mike Richman rolled a 647 series to extend a nice string of weeks in a row. Joey and Ricky provided dependable back up. BGM’s bowling looks tight on the stat sheet with each bowler rolling a few pins above their average. This will win games.
  • In the battle of Goliath and, well, Goliath, TSSoaT took 3 games from Stirke You in a final game that came down to the 10th. I looked over at the end of the 1st game and saw Strike You close out the 10th with what looked like 12 strikes. I wasn’t paying that close of attention though. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as TSSoaT got even hotter rolling the high game of the night (864) in game 2 and finishing with an 821. Rich led the way with a 724 with 3 games within 9 pins. Warren kept pace with a well thrown 625. Eric tried to stay with Rich with the 3rd highest series of the night at 683.
  • The Cheerleaders Gentleman’s club showed up with fresh new uniforms hoping to boost morale to push through the end of the season, but it wasn’t enough as a 2-2 tie was drawn out against Revenge of the Split. The final game came down to a mere 7 pins which most have been some clutch bowling from the anchor. Nicole and Christina managed to roll within 1 pin of each other for their series total which I find comical. Kurt keeps his average bumping upward. I see improvement from the Gentleman’s club week in and week out and it’s only a matter of time before they start turning some heads. Mike Reiter stands out for bowling 16 pins over average. The rest of the team was almost exactly on their average. Time will tell.
  • If you’ve made it this far congratufuckinglations because I get to write about my team and Manly Men’s match. First off, Manly Men with a 4 man team is no push over. These guys can drink their face off and with some practice and polish, can win some games. Prestige Worldwide started off with a victory on game 1 behind my 224. Game 2 was earned by the Men with all 4 members rolling plus average games. Game 3 saw Evan unleash with a 243 and that was the icing on the cake to put it away 3-1. I’m not a huge fan of 15 and 16 but it’s mostly a mental thing.