Week 1 Recap

Payouts for the 1st half are coming. League Secretary needed to be renewed (still not sure where week 15 is) and South Bowl had to dive into their pockets and fork it over. Good news is that I’m back with recaps after I had someone in the league tell me they read it (and liked it). Fantastic. Now that I have a half under my belt, and know everyone a little better, I can start roasting your play like I have more fun doing.

Rooster Illusion vs Revenge of the Split – 2 new teams from the first half battled it out. Rooster Illusion started out hot in the first half only to peter out in the later weeks as Jeff Watts assured me would happen. Revenge of the Split ran a respectable top half placing in the first half to set up the 2nd half nicely. Without holding suspense for week 1, these teams battled to a 2-2 split. The first game was decided by 14 pins to RI and the total pins were only 17 apart to RofS. Ed and Danielle were able to bowl a few pins above their average with a mostly middling performance by RI. Neil Dessecker came alive in game 2 with a 204 to sway the pin count total and take game 2. Nicole and Neil were able to out bowl their averages by a few. Since it’s impossible for me to know specifics of what actually happens, this is how I come to conclusions about performances.

Bowling Green Massacre vs Gutterfingers – When new teams join, it takes 9 games until averages become averages. The way I understand it is that new bowlers roll 3 games, take the average of those 3 games, then the computer will use what they rolled vs that average to come up with a handicap. Since Gutterfingers are a brand new team, this occurs. The first game went to GF being led by Jason Bailey’s 193. The 2nd game was a bit closer but the Fingers were able win by 42 with a nice game from Steve Boligitz. Greg finally put his foot down in game 3 rolling 20 pins above his average to avoid the shutout.

Prestige Worldwide vs Two Strikes Short of a Turkey – PW had a sub this week which made the score difficult to calculate during the game which obviously came into play. Game 1 went to PW behind the dual 212 by the Stortz brothers. TSSoaT rallied back with a big 875 team game as bowlers Rich, Frank, Stephen, and Warren were 226, 202, 213, 234, respectively. Game 3 was decided by 1 pin which was unknown at the time due to the sub and the scoring I mentioned above. It didn’t help that I went open in the 10th as Rich struck out. Fortunately for us, it was enough. Props to my brother for a big 681 series, Rich with a 663, and 3 other 600+ series from Frank, Warren, and Tom.

Pocket Pounders vs Strike You – Big game of the week. Let’s start with Strike You blowing out the SEASON team total by about 144 pins with a 2646. How PP managed to win a game is impressive against that. Eric L set the 3rd highest series total of the league with a 736. Not far behind was Trevor with a 677, Justin with a 635, and Greg 2 pins shy of 600. In order to stay close, Jim Kenngott rolled a 705 and Patrick kept it close with a 654. It’s hard to call yourself the dog when you roll 2 and 7 pins below your average (cough Rick and Mike cough) but that’s the kind of game this was. Great bowling by both sides. The PP’s averaged 203 from each bowler and only won 1 game. If this happens again this season, I’ll be sure to point it out.

Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club vs South Philly Leisure Sports
– In the only sweep of the week, SPLS returned from an uninspiring first half performance to come out firing on all cylinders. Nichole’s 596 series was tops of the lane (and females) with Emery and Chris not far behind. The GC didn’t necessarily bowl bad, but they were a few pins below their average and had an absent bowler which immediately puts them behind the 8 ball. Chris Reed was 22 pins above his average which is a great start out of the gate. GC…it’s a long season, don’t get discouraged.

Anything but the Bottom vs Manly Man – I’d say AbtB was the Cinderella of the first half and they are looking to keep up their sharp bowling…which they did against Manly Men. After losing game 1, they stayed tough and tight to take games 2 and 3, and also the pin total. Bobby led the team with a 633 series as he crept into the 190+ averages. Chris also rolled 15 pins above his average to help out. David Castro of the Manly Men was rolling well as he was nearly 20 pins over his average. His 214 helped propel the MM to game 1, but the team needed some additional help if they were going to overcome AbbT’s team bowling.

Banana Split vs Rack City – In a rematch of the position round 1v2, Rack City caught some revenge with a 3-1 victory. Aside from bombing game 2, Rack City had control of the match with extremely solid bowling in games 1 and 3. Scott G’s 299 in the 3rd game was a huge WTF as you can actually see the pin wobbling going for the perfect game. Rich needed to jump harder. There will be a 300 in the near term. Banana Split suffered from big games by random people at random times. Joey’s 233 looks nice in game 2 and Jason and Mike were both over 200 in game 3. I”m sure we’ll hear more from the top teams from the first half of last season as we progress.

Broad St Bowlers vs Bye – The BSB are relatively new to bowling so let’s welcome them with open arms. I have a feeling that by the end of the season their averages will trend upwards which I wish I could say about my game. Josh Nick rolled a career high, 193, in the first game of the season, throwing his first ever turkey. He was greeted with a shot of old crow which is a great recipe for throwing lower the second game. Bowling against the bye with no averages, they took all 4 games and find themselves tied for 1st place.