Summarizing 1st Half Thoughts

1st Half Final Standings

Final standings and payouts will be posted shortly. The sheet was printed last night but there was some issue with updating league secretary.  This will be clearly written in an email to the league and on this site.


Good news moving forward is that for the 2nd half of the season there will be 2 new teams added. They will be unable to qualify for the playoffs, but will take place in the payouts for the 2nd half. The new teams are the Gutterfingers and Broad St. Ballers.  Make them feel welcome.

Strike Jackpot & Video

I’ll do a better job getting the strike jackpot shots on film because people like to see themselves on camera. We’ll also do a better job tracking it and making it clear if it is carrying over or if it was hit. I know Joey Tso hit it last night. Also, if you have video of say Scott shooting at the 300 from last night, get that to me so I can post it on the site. Maybe I’ll create a dropbox so we can share the info and I can add it to YouTube.


The brackets are a middling feature. The current system requires too much maintenance. If I bring 3 brackets with 24 people preset, then on that day 3 people don’t show up, I’m scrambling to find 3 new people to fill the brackets, while also making sure the other 21 want to do it. Combing collecting the money and the lack of new entrants, I think it got a bit stale.

What I think may be better is to have a board when you walk in, you pay 5 dollars , get a random #, then apply that # to the board (which will have a place for your that #)  and brackets can get set without any organization as long as we have an idea of how many people want to do it. Anthony and I are thinking it through but this would allow it to run itself.


If you know this series, we can be friends.

I think this league is a lot of fun and I enjoy this site. I’ve gotten some comments that people like the recaps and I still think there is more that we can do. Truth be told, I fizzled out as the season progressed because I didn’t think people cared. As the 2nd half gets started, I’m feeling the excitement level rise. Having 15 teams, with the goal being to get 16, makes it cool to know that we are almost at the point of having a waiting list.

Stay tuned for further updates once all of the scores get posted.