Strike Jackpot 3/5/18

Joey stepped up to win $135 dollars annnnnnd…..

We move on to next week where the action will surely be poppin’. That’s what the kids are doing this days right? Poppin’?


First comment is that we had more than 24 people want to do the bracket which is bad and good. Bad because I had to turn people away. Good because we can fill it. I’ll comment that most people were much better about paying on time but there is still that odd moment where people are forgetting their $5. We should be past that by now.

The first bracket was won in unusual manner with Jason rolling an unusually bad first game, only to advance by an even worse unusually bad game by Joey. He narrowly beat Michelle in round 2 and then took out Melvin the Destroyer in the finals.

Jim’s consistent bowling and good series earned him the comfortable win. He disposed of my brother, than dangerous Scott G, and finally Eric L. for the W.

Anthony earned 2x bragging rights by coming out of the gate strong with a 235. He followed it up defeating teammate Emory and then trash talked his way past Greg Goldman. Well done.

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