Strike Jackpot 11/6/17

Fan favorite Rich Curro earns his strike jackpot shot by out bidding the field. Would this high risk, low reward gamble pay off?

Damn straight. This guy has nerves of steel. The strike jackpot will reset and the bracket break down will be updated tomorrow along with an option for the league.

League Photos – Week 8

Thanks to Kitty for the pictures as they make for more content for me to share. Enjoy.

League Update Week 8

Week 8 brought about the most exciting bowling week yet. There were 3 near 300 games and only 1 was camera worthy. Scott Gingrich took 9 straight into the 10th only to split. Rich Anderson was able to get to the 11th ball and ended up going Brooklyn to leave the camera in the bag. Our one bowler who had a shot for all the glory was none other than Nichole DiGiorigo. Considering all eyes were on her for this shot, I’m pretty sure you know what happens:

Sorry I hyped that up for a 299, but that’s the way it is. Congratulations to Nichole who, correct me if I’m wrong, notched her career high.

Brackets Week 8

This was easily the best week we’ve had with bracket organization. I had 20 people who I could count on to do it ahead of time and only had to fill in 4 spots. I had someone say, “I would do it, but you never asked me.” When I hear this  I know people either don’t get the emails (or don’t check their email) or don’t know the website exists. If you somehow read this paragraph and say to yourself that you’d like to do it, email me at and I’ll include you. I don’t mind doing 4 brackets if I can get 4 brackets set ahead of schedule.

As this league progresses I’ll stop reiterating the same info. The link below is where you can see the bracket results AND other great stats my brother takes the time to organize. If you like the league, you should visit this link.

South Bowl League Spreadsheet (if you can’t see it I may have to adjust the access) (Stat tabs are at the bottom)

Here are the results in an image for those that don’t like to click links.

Mike Richman goes back to back in dominant fashion. A good way to turn a bracket skeptic into a reg is winning. New entrant Stephen R. took down bracket 2 by notching Anthony by 1 pin in round 1, taking advantage of an off game by Rich C. in round 2, and then beating teammate Frank for the W. The 3rd bracket was Nichole’s to win after Eric rolled a 169 in the final game, but apparently she used up all her mojo with her 299 as she let her possible league leading 4th victory fall through the cracks. Eric gets his 2nd win highlighted by a 245 2nd game beating bracket whipping boy Scott G.


Nichole x 3
Mike R x 2
Eric L. x 2
Stephen R.
Ricky N.
Sam S
Jim K.
Evan C

I’m looking forward to next week and maybe we can set 32 set ahead of time…if anyone reads this.

Strike Jackpot 10/30/17

After a 2 week hiatus, the Strike Jackpot shot is back! I shot a blurry video of Rick K. missing last week that wasn’t worth using, but I was able to take good video of Chris Cribbs shooting a $90+ shot. Did he come up clutch?

Yes, sir. Chris pockets the money and we reset for next week.

This post will be a teaser for tomorrow because this week was an absolute phenomenal week of bowling. From the brackets to the bowling, I’ll have a full update tomorrow with details.

Week 7 Recap

9 teams are separated by 5 games which leads to a tight knit race as we approach the midway point of the 1st half. It’s still anyone’s game. Also, I’ll be running out of bowling gifs shortly.

  • In a battle of the 1st and 2nd place teams, Two Strikes Short of a Turkey managed to take 3 of 4 from Rack City. I’ll start by stopping the presses on Stephen R’s 2nd high series of the night (690). This was around 40 pins above average and big time players prove themselves in big time games. TSSofT gained an 130 pin lead after game 1 and then took game 2 in a close one. Game 3 was all Rack City but the damage had been done.  Game 1 by TSSofT was 841 and the 2nd highest of the night. The highest of the night was game 3 by Rack city at 843. Rich A had a solid 665 series and Jon Winthrop was around 30 pins above his average for games 1 & 2. The loss was hardly poor bowling from Rack City, but they were giving a few pins and TSSofT showed up to play. Rack City’s 843 was led by a league high game of 266 by Scott Gingrich. Of note was Chris Cribb’s being over 600 for the night.
  • Revenge of the Split moved into 4th place with a 3-1 showing against Manly Men. After losing the 1st game by only 17 pins, they followed it up with improved bowling in games 2 and 3 to win those two games and the series. MM moved to 15-13 and still in striking distance of the leaders. RofS got above average performances from Nicole M (+14 above avg) and Neil D (+10).
  • In what had to have been the closest battle of the night, Anything But The Bottom broomed Bowling Green Massacre. The pin differential was 15, 16, and 14 for all 3 games. ABtB has moved away from the bottom and sits in the upper-middle of the pack at 16-12. BGM will continue to have fun and drink as many free whiskey shots as possible. I’m sure this have nothing to do with performance.
  • Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club surprised Pocket Pounders to take 3 of 4 in a much needed boost in the standings. Rolling handicapped games of 810, 753, and 755, they earned the wins. Led by Bob Cohen’s 556 series, with monster help from Nick Meyers who erupted for a 197 in game 3, nearly 70 pins above average. I doubt I write that much pin differential over average often. Alan also was rolling well before falling off in game 3. Pocket Pounders were the victims of good bowling and 1 absentee. Jim Kenngot finished strong and finished with a 627 series.
  • Teams that roll against the bye are generally easy to write about as South Philly Leisure Sports took all 4 games. Monster choke from Anthony I to lose in the finals of the brackets with his 137 game 3. 2 finals appearances and a win in looming. Apparently he needs to take a cue from Nichole who won the bracket once again and finished with a solid 602 series that will put her more in line with her average.
  • Writing about my own games are always the easiest because I know what happened instead of reading stats and I’ll just use one line, “fucking, Mike Richman”. The guy was consistent with his 693 series and with the help of Joey To in the 10th, when both struck out in the 3rd game, they took the final game by 2 pins to even the match 2-2. Prestige Worldwide sits in 9th place and has hopefully been tanking to start the season in order to smash their averages in the 2nd half. Let’s hope…
  • Rooster Illusion battled Strike You to a 3-1 victory in relatively tight games. RI essentially rolled on their averages and took advantage of Strike You trying to find their form. Eric Lopatin’s 247 in game 1 was the 2nd highest of the night. RI sits at 15-13 and will look to move up the leader board next week while Strike You has been known to turn early season struggles into late season heroics.

League Update Week 7

I’m always somewhat surprised when I hear from people that they don’t know that the website exists or that they don’t get league emails. It’s one of those spots where unless I physically ask people for their contact info, they will continue not knowing about it. If you talk to someone who falls in this boat, help me out and get their email address and tell Nichole, Anthony, or myself.

Either way, the brackets were back in action and I apologize in advance to Alan Drazen for having his handicap incorrect, and his winning game 1. If his game 2 was higher than 173, I’ll feel even worse. I will make it up to him next week either way. Here are the results (click for closeup):

Nichole DiGiorgio is running over the brackets with her 3rd win of the season. Mike Richman won the other side with solid games throughout.

My brother has set up this sheet which contains the results to the bracket and enhanced scoring data (tabs below on the sheet) that is really great. Check it out.

Brackets & Data

Regarding the strike jackpot, I didn’t have my camera ready and took a blurry video that isn’t even worth showing. Part of these errors are from trying to do too much and, frankly, learning the best way to handle these situations. Most likely there will be some delegation moving forward to assist and start getting it all moving like a well oiled machine. This is only week 7, more to come.

Week 6 Recap

League 6 brought a new shift at the top, a record league setting score, and plenty of balanced action.

  • Bobby Rodgers got Anything But The Bottom off to a hot start with an individual 233, and a handicapped 745 first game, to take the opening lead. Banana Split rebounded to take game 2 with all 4 members throwing over 200 games to notch the 3rd highest team game for the night with an 835. The final game saw ABtB come alive again with all 4 bowlers over their average and taking game 3, but losing the total pins. Joey To and Jason Pham both had 600+ series and Bobby Rodgers missed it by 2.
  • Prestige Worldwide got off the blocks fast throwing a team 824 game to win game 1, but that’s about the highlight of the night for PW. Rooster Illusion battled back in games 2 and 3 to throw a 778 and 816 handicapped games to win the total pinfall as well. Michael Zimmerman and Greg Mortka had fantasy games of 200, 189 and 195, 187 respectively to set the tone in those 2 final games which never got close. PW drops to 11-13 while RI jumps to 12-12.
  • Revenge of the Split used some Jedi mind tricks to take 4 games from South Philly Leisure Sports. Being at full strength helped tremendously as Kurt lead the way with all 3 games over his average. It’s not like these games weren’t tight as game 1 was decided by 15 pins, game 2 by 6, and then a blow out win in game 3.  Emery was the spotlight bowler for SPLS rolling a 580 series.
  • Strike You battled Manly Men to a 2-2 draw as inconsistency was the issue for SY. Manly Men took game 1 with a 12 pin victory and then fell victim to a monster game by SY in game 2. Robert White and Trevor Mesiter were 247 and 233 respectively for game 2, as the team had the 2nd highest team score for the night with an 855. SY fell off the wagon on game 3 and Manly Men jumped on the back of a 192 by Chris Barell to take game 3 but lose total pinfall.
  • I’ll probably use the same play on words for Rack City when they win, so they took the Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club and stretched them to submission with a 4-0 sweep. Rack City had the 2nd highest team total with a 2322 series. Both Scott and Chris threw 600+ series while Mike Reiter rolled a nice 524, 10+ pins above his average, for the CGC. Rack City moved into first place with a 19-5 record.
  • The game of the night belongs to Two Strikes Short of a Turkey for setting a potentially unreachable bar of 945 team game. Rich, Frank, Stephen, and Warren were 268, 200, 235, and 245 respectively. Bowling Green was on the receiving side of this massacre. Bowling Green stuck with it though and fought to only lose game 2 by 16 pins and then taking game 3 decisively. Shout out to Andrew Brennan’s game 3 of 188 which was 55 pins above his average. Rich missed a 700 series by 3 pins as he remains the league’s highest average. Stephen was also 600+ for the night. This sets up a showdown between the 1st and 2nd place teams this upcoming Monday.

Bracket Update

I was in Vegas for a few days so I apologize for the lack of updates.

The brackets were not done Monday night because I’d like to have them finalized before I come in on Monday. What this means is that I have a list of people who tell me they want to do it every week. This is good. Then I have a list of people who come up to me and say “are we doing the bracket?”. This is bad. If I don’t know that you want to do it every week, or you don’t sign up, there most likely won’t be a spot for you moving forward. Here is the list of people who said that I don’t need to ask them every week. If your name isn’t on the list, you either have to let me know by Monday by this form or email me, It’s better when I have ~24 people who I can spread around 3 brackets so we don’t always have to play the same people.

Sign Up Sheet

Every Week Participants

Tom Stortz
Sam Stortz
Evan Cohen
Jim Kenngot
Nichole DiGiorgio
Trevor Meister
Eric Lopatin
Rick K.
Bob Cohen
Rich Curro
Scott Gingrich
Michael Stafford
Jeff Watts

An alternative we can do is an eliminator where X people sign up and then half the field is eliminated after the first game based on scores. Then the next game cuts it in half again. The final game splits it one more time so that the top whatever we decide gets paid. You tell me.

Brackets or Eliminator?

View Results

Week 5 Recap

After week 5 we had some motion at the top, while the rest of the league is ridiculously balanced with regard to records.

  • Strike You took 3 games from Revenge of the Split in back and forth fashion. SY got off to a slow start while RofS took advantage with a 31 pin above average game from Kurt McCrohan. Game 2 was all SY with Greg, Trevor, Eric, and Luis bowling 184, 225, 213, and 223 respectively for a league week best 845 game. This gave the pin total lead to SY as the final game was hard fought, but closed out by 19 pins. Eric’s 628 was good for 3rd high series of the night.
  •  Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club took care of business rolling against themselves and taking all 4 games. Bob Cohen must have had Wheaties for breakfast as he rolled a beauty of a 589 series which raised his average 7 pins and puts him in contention for Most Improved Bowler.
  • In a battle up top, Two Strikes Short of a Turkey hit their first road bump against Banana Split. Coming with a near flawless record of 15-1, TSSofT was swept out of the building by BS. BS came out firing with all a 794 scratch series AND they were getting pins. Mike Richman was consistent as can be with 3 games over 200 and notching a 654 series which isn’t going to be overcome easily giving pins. Rich retained his league’s top average with a 611 series, but the competition is nipping at his heels.
  • I hate writing about my own team but it’s easier when we suck and suck we did. Anything But The Bottom took advantage of our shit throwing taking 3 of 4 with little suspense in the games aside from the last when they were looking for a shut out. Prestige Worldwide (worldwide worldwide) was not a global business Monday Night. Both teams are now 10-10 after 5 weeks.
  • Manly Men used an array of bowlers to dismantle Rooster Illusion 3-1. It’s tough to get a read on MM as they appear to be going with a hot hand approach. Staple Jason Yerges was above his average in all 3 games.  I’ll use this space to give Jeff Watts a pat on the back for rolling a 246 in game 2 (the highest of the night) and STILL losing in the bracket to a person we’ll get to later. None of the games came down to the wire as Manly Men now sit comfortably (yeah right) at 12-8 and RI at 9-11.
  • South Philly Leisure Sports was led by the league’s highest series of the night by Nichole Digiorgio, 693, to take 3 of 4 games from the Pocket Pounders. Nichole broke her “funk”, and raised her average by 10 pins, so her days of reigning over the brackets will hopefully tighten up.  In regard to the match, PP was down 2 bowlers which as I’ve written before, is tough to overcome. Rick and Jim rolled around their average but spotting 20 pins, you have to do more. With Nichole’s big series and Chris rolling 20 pins over his average, that was all she wrote. The last game was settled by 3 pins so I’m sure PP was ecstatic to take a game.
  • Our final write up is Bowling Green Massacre vs Rack City. This game ended up being a 4-0 sweep with BGM not necessarily losing it, but Rack City winning it. Each member of RC rolled near or above their average with Michelle being 20 pins over. RC was the highest team total this week with 2370. Shout out to Rich for blowing the 600 series in the 3rd game.

League Update Week 5

Week 5 is in the books. This post will break down the brackets from the previous night and share some pictures. Moving forward I see 3 posts a week. Strike Jackpot on Monday night. This type of post going over brackets and photos Tues or Wednesday. Recap on Thursday or Friday.

  • Some photos from league night. Thanks Kitty.
  • I’m going to keep asking until everyone is tired of listening, if you want to do the brackets, let me know ahead of time. Here is the form. If you’ve told me you’ll do it every week, you don’t need to tell me again. At some point though, I’m going to say that if you didn’t tell me ahead of time, I’m not going to create it on the spot.
  • Here is this week’s results. Eric L. used a combination of his undervalued average and good bowling to win bracket 1. Nichole notched her 2nd straight win with an electrifying 2nd game against Jeff Watts 256-245 (255 w/ handicap). Ricky won bracket 3 in anti climatic fashion as Alan Drazen was finished bowling before Ricky rolled his 3rd game.
  • Here is the link to the Google Doc which has the bracket results and other stats (tabs at the bottom) that my brother put together which people should enjoy. I’ll share this link again so people can actually see it rather than at the bottom of this post.