Summarizing 1st Half Thoughts

1st Half Final Standings

Final standings and payouts will be posted shortly. The sheet was printed last night but there was some issue with updating league secretary.  This will be clearly written in an email to the league and on this site.


Good news moving forward is that for the 2nd half of the season there will be 2 new teams added. They will be unable to qualify for the playoffs, but will take place in the payouts for the 2nd half. The new teams are the Gutterfingers and Broad St. Ballers.  Make them feel welcome.

Strike Jackpot & Video

I’ll do a better job getting the strike jackpot shots on film because people like to see themselves on camera. We’ll also do a better job tracking it and making it clear if it is carrying over or if it was hit. I know Joey Tso hit it last night. Also, if you have video of say Scott shooting at the 300 from last night, get that to me so I can post it on the site. Maybe I’ll create a dropbox so we can share the info and I can add it to YouTube.


The brackets are a middling feature. The current system requires too much maintenance. If I bring 3 brackets with 24 people preset, then on that day 3 people don’t show up, I’m scrambling to find 3 new people to fill the brackets, while also making sure the other 21 want to do it. Combing collecting the money and the lack of new entrants, I think it got a bit stale.

What I think may be better is to have a board when you walk in, you pay 5 dollars , get a random #, then apply that # to the board (which will have a place for your that #)  and brackets can get set without any organization as long as we have an idea of how many people want to do it. Anthony and I are thinking it through but this would allow it to run itself.


If you know this series, we can be friends.

I think this league is a lot of fun and I enjoy this site. I’ve gotten some comments that people like the recaps and I still think there is more that we can do. Truth be told, I fizzled out as the season progressed because I didn’t think people cared. As the 2nd half gets started, I’m feeling the excitement level rise. Having 15 teams, with the goal being to get 16, makes it cool to know that we are almost at the point of having a waiting list.

Stay tuned for further updates once all of the scores get posted.

League Update Week 14

16 people visited the site yesterday in hot anticipation of my recap, which is 16 more than I thought would visit. As I wrote in the very beginning of this project, I have no idea what the expectations are or what direction this will go. I’m figuring it out as we go along so hang with it.

Week 14 brought action that sets the tone for the position round of the 1st half. My first season I had no idea what a position round was. Essentially 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4, 5 plays 6, and so on. It gives people in the standings the ability to move up. Since there is no playoff round at the end of the first half, where you finish in the standings is the amount of money your team is awarded. Here is the money that goes with each place.

Yes, we have 13 teams now. Yes, there is additional money from the Strike Jackpot. We’ll have this revised. If any teams are added for the 2nd half, we’ll keep everyone up to date. A final note, I’m well aware that some teams played the bye more than once and some teams didn’t play it at all. From my perspective, this is a relatively new league and we are looking to fill it. What that means is getting 16 teams who are all in it for the same purpose. When that gets established, we can have a more democratic and even idea about what everyone wants and is looking for. Stability occurs when this happens. For now, we make the best of what we have.

Week 14 Recap

  • Banana Split played the bye and gave away 1 game. Joey and Ricky rolled at least 15 pins above their average and Mike Richman continued his ever consistent bowling. The team had a meltdown in game 2 to give away the sweep. There has been some chatter about % vs games played at the top and we’ll resolve it through the break.
  • Anything But The Bottom, the Cinderella of the league from my eyes (and theirs based on their name), lost 3 of 4 to Revenge of the Split with one sided games throughout. Without writing the other recaps, I’d have to give Neil Dessecker a pat on the back for his 556 series which was about 80 pins over his average. Bobby Rodgers missed a 600 series by a pin. Brittany’s 333 series was about 16 pins over avg for much improvement as the season progresses. These two teams are 4 and 5 right now but I have to see if a higher avg gets a tie-breaker or if it’s head to head.
  • Strike You put on a dominant performance to take all 4 vs the Gentlemen’s Club.  By dominant, we’re talking the highest team series BY 140 PINS. It was also the 2nd highest single scratch game.  A bar has been set. Justin Wildon put on a show with a 746 series showing he’s fully back from his injury. Suitable back up by Luis, Eric, and Trevor with a 659, 642, and 595 respectively. Lost in the shuffle was Bob Cohen and his 580 series, which was about 25 pins above average, and Alan Drazen’s 474 which was also 20+ pins above.
  • Ugh. I have to write about my team’s game. Knowing the outcome this isn’t so much fun. Here goes. Prestige Worldwide. Worldwide. Worldwide. won the first game with a 267 from my brother Sam. It was all Rack City from there as they took came 2 behind Chris’s 234 and Scott’s 257. Game 3 was also Rack City as all 4 of their bowlers were right near or over 200. The final frame was set up so all I had to do was mark to win the team total and….I blew it. Scott struck out to slice my throat and our team by 1 total pin and that’s all she wrote. Moving on.
  • Two Stirkes Short of a Turkey took 3 from a hard fighting Manly Men team. Rich Anderson rolled a beast of series with a 722 to lead his team. After the 15-1 start, TSSofT find themselves in 3rd place due to my missing that single pin. We’ll have a verdict moving forward.
  • Bowling Green Massacre and South Philly Leisure Sports battled it out to a 2-2 tie. Game 2 looked extra close as SPLS took it by 1 pin. Dom was rolling his mind out being over avg by near 40 pins in 2 of the 3 games. Nichole eclipsed the 600 mark by 54 pins after getting hot in the 2nd game and kept it rolling. I have this feeling that Anthony is going to break out next week. Mark my words.
  • The Pocket Pounders took 3 from Rooster Illusion in non-dramatic format. Jim is finding his stride with his “new” ball that put up a 651 series. Greg Mortka for RI rolled well in game 2 with a 190. Apologies for the lack of write up for the final matchup. I get a little worn out from the same adjectives and story lines.

League Update Week 12

This week’s brackets had 3 repeat winners in Sam S, Eric L., and Scott G. Next week we will not be doing brackets. I’m getting a sense of bracket burnout and to combat this we will turn this into a bi-weekly occurrence. It gives me a break and should keep attendance high. I understand there may be some people who do want to do it every week, but I can’t walk around and ask people who jump in and out to fill 24. I’ll admit the formula has been better, but it’s still more than I want to do week in and week out. This has to be fixed before I come to the lanes. Fixed as in not changing instead of broken.

Sam’s steady bowling near his average took advantage of opponents rolling a bit below their average. Eric rolled a big 685 series which is generally going to win most games. Not to go home empty handed, Scott put up a 791 which will pretty much win any bracket.


Nichole x 4
Mike Richman x 2
Eric L. x 3
Ricky N. x 2
Scott G. x 2
Sam S. x 2
Stephen R.
Jim K.
Evan C
Mike S.
Nick M.
Justin W.
Trevor M.
Robert W.
Patrick T.

Strike Jackpot 11/27/17

I was basing my reaction off of Melvin’s. Yes, I’m a dick.

Week 12 Recap

3 more Monday’s remain until the end of the first half. The top is relatively crowded and 4-0 weeks can turn the tides quickly.  Brackets and the Strike Jackpot will go up tomorrow but I left my shit in the car. I don’t know what to say about the music situation. Management has been alerted and their is an obvious disconnect between what the DJ wants to play and what the league wants to hear. What’s odd to me is that if you are the DJ, wouldn’t you be considered a good DJ if you played what the crowd wanted and vice versa? Business 101, it’s all about the audience. Onward.

  • Big matchup with near equal records and SPLS rolled a big fat doughnut. Hats off to Anything But The Bottom who continues their steady play with wins week in week out to currently reside in 6th place and well within striking distance. Let’s give credit for the pun where credit is due. Nichole’s 635 series was unable to make up for the absent bowler and medium team support. Bobby Rodgers blew the roof off with a 661 series and got nice help from Brittany who rolled 16 pins above her average.
  • Rack City vs Pockets Pounders was a match with 2 solid teams who are hungry for wins. Scott G’s 791 series set a new league high with monster 2nd and 3rd games of 276 and 279 (game 3 at 236 wasn’t too shabby either). Rich Curro and Michelle added nice support with a 614 & 556 series which was 20 pins and 16 above avg respectively. The Pounders got off to another slow start losing game 1 and game 2 and then coming alive for a big game 3 that saw an 850 game. Michael and Jim both rolled 615 series.
  • Rooster Illusion took care of business to pick up the much needed 4 wins to keep them in the running if they can pull off some sweeps moving forward. Ed Mount rolled 3 nice games that were 18 pins above average for the series.
  • Banana Split is giving Two Strikes Short of a Turkey some uncomfortable breathing room at the top taking 3 games against Bowling Green Massacre. These were hard fought games by both teams with BS taking the edge. Mike Richman rolled a 647 series to extend a nice string of weeks in a row. Joey and Ricky provided dependable back up. BGM’s bowling looks tight on the stat sheet with each bowler rolling a few pins above their average. This will win games.
  • In the battle of Goliath and, well, Goliath, TSSoaT took 3 games from Stirke You in a final game that came down to the 10th. I looked over at the end of the 1st game and saw Strike You close out the 10th with what looked like 12 strikes. I wasn’t paying that close of attention though. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as TSSoaT got even hotter rolling the high game of the night (864) in game 2 and finishing with an 821. Rich led the way with a 724 with 3 games within 9 pins. Warren kept pace with a well thrown 625. Eric tried to stay with Rich with the 3rd highest series of the night at 683.
  • The Cheerleaders Gentleman’s club showed up with fresh new uniforms hoping to boost morale to push through the end of the season, but it wasn’t enough as a 2-2 tie was drawn out against Revenge of the Split. The final game came down to a mere 7 pins which most have been some clutch bowling from the anchor. Nicole and Christina managed to roll within 1 pin of each other for their series total which I find comical. Kurt keeps his average bumping upward. I see improvement from the Gentleman’s club week in and week out and it’s only a matter of time before they start turning some heads. Mike Reiter stands out for bowling 16 pins over average. The rest of the team was almost exactly on their average. Time will tell.
  • If you’ve made it this far congratufuckinglations because I get to write about my team and Manly Men’s match. First off, Manly Men with a 4 man team is no push over. These guys can drink their face off and with some practice and polish, can win some games. Prestige Worldwide started off with a victory on game 1 behind my 224. Game 2 was earned by the Men with all 4 members rolling plus average games. Game 3 saw Evan unleash with a 243 and that was the icing on the cake to put it away 3-1. I’m not a huge fan of 15 and 16 but it’s mostly a mental thing.

Week 11 Recap

Missed last week but we are back at it. 4 more weeks until the first half of the season wraps up. I know we won’t be bowling on Christmas or New Years Days so that leaves 4 weeks until then.

Two Strikes Shorts Of A Turkey is leading the standings with a chase pack of about 8 teams in striking distance. Remember that 4 and 0 weeks can quickly jump ANY team up the standings.

  • Revenge of the Split took care of business on the bye winning all 4 games, which is what teams should do.  Neil Dessecker put the team on his back for games 1 and 2 with a 210 & 194, ~ 40 pins over his average.
  • Bowling Green Massacre swept the Gentlemen’s Club with a solid team performance. Andrew and Greg came out of the gates firing being 32 and 42 pins over their avg respectively. This built a big 100+ pin lead into game 2 where they over powered CG for the W. The 3rd game was closer but BGM had the upper hand and closed it out. CG was off their game tonight.
  • Prestige Worldwide took it to the Pounders right out of the gate. A slow start by PP, after having to throw with no warm ups, set the tone. PW started off the night with the highest team game of the evening, 845, to take game 1. This was led by a 278 by yours truly after running off the first 9. Game 2 saw PW with more consistent team bowling winning by 60. Patrick T got hot in game 2 with a 245. The 3rd game had the team total out of hand as PP was trying to take 1. As such, PP had enough fight in them to eke out the 3rd game by a single pin.  PW notched their highest ever team series, 2,399, and my first ever 700+ series.
  • TSSoaT added 3 games to their win total over Rooster Illusion. Game 1 was decided by 5 pins as Warren lead TSSoaT with a 223 and the victory. Game 2 saw nice team balance from TSSoaT as they averaged 200 a bowler to take game 3. Jeff Watts shows up for game 3 and rallies his team to take 1 with a 202 out of the blocks. Ed Mount rolled well bowling 16 pins over average.
  •  Banana Split used Mike Richman’s 268 to win game 1 vs the Manly Men. Game 2 was more BS as the team was able to win by 20 pins on fine team bowling. Manly Men took advantage of an off game 3 by BS led by Aaron Draeylo who rolled 20+ pins over average on the night.  The Manly Men will continue to tough it out with only 2 bowlers a night as the absentees are killing their chances.
  • Strike You laid some pipe tonight (no one read this) against Anything But the Bottom to take all 4. With 3 straight games between 790 and 796, this is the Strike You we’ve come to expect. They are lurking in 7th place but I’ve seen it before, this team is lethal at the end of the season.
  • Rack City took 3 from the short staffed South Philly Leisure Sports. Nichole had pre-bowled and Emery was absent to take a shot at Rack City. Scott Gingrich didn’t fuck around as he set the single high series, 744, for our league (ousting…himself). Rack City posed the highest scratch series of the week with a 2412. Chris Cribbs continues his sharp bowling with another 600+ series. I’m sure Rich disappointed himself with his series but I sense a break out is coming. Anthony on SPLS put up a nice 577 as he blew another chance at a bracket victory.


League Update Week 11

Last night we had good response from the music side so hopefully everyone was bowling happy.

Not much new to write about so I’ll get to the bracket recap. Please note that I may not have every score exactly right in the bracket because some games are over before they complete and I’ll guess on a score. You’ll also see my name a bunch of times, this is because of byes for that night. Week 11 had no byes which is what we are striving for. Also, if you want to be in the brackets and I haven’t asked you, just ask me and we can find a spot most nights. You can see all of the bracket info, and more detailed stats here.

Week 10 Brackets

Ricky Nguyen was the master of close calls in Bracket 1 winning the first match by 9, the second by 5, and the finals by 4. Scott had a chance to take it in the 10th but came up a big short. Bracket 2 was dominated by Robert White who drew a bye in match 1, disposed of Anthony in match 2, and claimed victory over Rich C. I’ll at least mention Rich took down Nichole to stop her winning ways. Justin Wildon, fresh from a knee injury, showed little rust with a dominating 2nd and 3rd game to easily take the bracket.

Week 11 Brackets

Some big scores last night led to some exciting matches. Scott Gingrich notched is first win of the year with a strong 740+ series. He closed out Evan in round 1, took down consistent bowler Mike Richman, and then dominated Anthony for a W. Trevor Mesiter used a series of near 200 games to claim his first victory of the year by beating my brother, Mike Reiter, and Joey To in the finals. Bracket 3 was won by Patrick who after a slow start, heated up and nicked Frank Snyder by 2 pins to claim victory.


Nichole x 4
Mike Richman x 2
Eric L. x 2
Ricky N. x 2
Stephen R.
Sam S.
Jim K.
Evan C
Mike S.
Nick M.
Scott G.
Justin W.
Trevor M.
Robert W.
Patrick T.


Strike Jackpot 11/20/17

Did you think this website had fizzled out? Get serious. League Secretary was updated late and I had a malfunction on the brackets. I’ll most likely skip week 10 and move right into week 11. I will post the brackets for the last 2 weeks tomorrow.

Good to see Chris Leffibine roll the dice on a strike jackpot. The Jackpot has been hit about 3 weeks in a row and the question is, will Chris make it 4?

For the love of god our bowlers are too good! Chris resets the jackpot again and we’ll be looking to pick it up next week. Stay tuned.

Week 9 Recap

After 9 weeks the league is:

1st place is only 9 wins ahead of 12th place which means that it’s still anyone’s ball game. On to the week.

  • South Philly Leisure Sports took 3 of 4 from Rooster Illusion led by another big week from Nichole, who has been bowling on fire. Her 641 series paved the way for a game 1 win and  a game 2 blowout. Looking to take 1, Rooster Illusion fought back with solid bowling to take game 3. Consistency has been plaguing RI for most of this season. Greg Mortka found some rhythm bowling 11 pins over average.
  • Pocket Pounders jumped up the standings and handed Banana Split 3 losses. Jim and Mike carried Rick for a game 1 victory bowling 202 and 213. Not to disappoint, Rick went 200 in game 2 with Mike rolling a league high 255 to take game 2. Banana Split rebounded in game 3 behind a 224 from Mike Richman who rolled a 656 series, tops of the night.
  • The Cheerleaders took 4 much needed wins from the Manly Men in a close bout. Strong bowling from Alan and Nick gave CGC the edge as they rolled 18 and 17 pins above their average respectively. The Manly Men had two absent bowlers who if anyone from the team reads this, should have them pre-bowl. Giving away 10 pins to an absent bowler is a sure fire way to play from behind the eight ball.
  • The bye week is supposed to be 4 wins, right? Not so fast. The team in 1st place gave the rest of the league a chance to catch up as they only took one against the bye due to some unfortunate circumstances and average bowling. Enough said.
  • After getting abused in the finals last year by Strike You, Prestige Worldwide finally had some redemption with Sam Stortz being the backbone. Noteworthy is Justin Wildon is back from his knee injury and nearly back to old form. Sam rolled his season best series at 651 and carried our team with the help of a 604 from Evan. Strike You took game 2 with a monster 871 game behind a 190, 212, 244, and 225 from Greg, Trevor, Eric, and Justin.
  • Revenge of the Split took no mercy on Bowling Green Massacre as they won 3 of 4 games. Nicole and Christina managed to be within 1 pin of each other’s series which must have been some sister coincidence. Kurt bowled great games and finished 28 pins above his average which I would guess was near a league best. Andrew Brennan has shown flashes of brilliance with his 196 in game 1.  Greg needed a few more shots to kick start his game.
  • Anything But the Bottom continues the trend of avoiding the bottom as they stole 3 from 2nd place Two Strikes Short of a Turkey. When you carry the highest average of the league, you don’t have much room for error and Rich had an off night, combined with an absent bowler, which led to the loss. Brittany rolled 15 pins above her average to add to the already handicapped score.

League Update Week 9

Let’s start with the music and lighting which wasn’t necessarily ideal for “league” bowling. People look at me and say “why are they playing this music?” First off, I don’t tell South Bowl what to do. I can tell them that the league members weren’t huge fans of what was playing. If you feel strongly, which some people did, vote and I can show South Bowl:

Do You Like The Funk Music and Dimmed Lights?

View Results

Bracket Update Week 9

This is turning into free bowling for Nichole and I have to ask who is willing to step up to the challenge? Here’s the spreadsheet that I’m pretty sure no one reads but has great stats that nerd bowlers would enjoy.

Mike Stafford and Nick Meyers notched their first wins of the season. Big game in Stafford’s 2nd round when his 255 beat Eric L’s 245. He then knocked off teammate Jim for the victory. Nick Meyers showed that if you can consistently roll above your average, you have a great chance to win as he rolled handicapped games of 216 & 215 against his first 2 round opponents, before knocking off teammate Mike in the finals. What more can I write about Nichole in these brackets? Knocks off Mike in the first round. Trounces Trevor with a 246 in the 2nd and then fends off new whipping boy Evan in the finals for her 4th win.


Nichole x 4
Mike R x 2
Eric L. x 2
Stephen R.
Ricky N.
Sam S
Jim K.
Evan C
Mike S.
Nick M.


Week 8 Recap

I’m aware that week 9 was started last night, but I never got a chance to recap 8, and I have to wait for the League Secretary results to do the brackets, so I’m going to do a shortened version of a week 8 recap until the new stats come out.

  • Prestige Worldwide took 3 from the Gentlemens’ Club with not much drama. CGC took game 1 with Nick Meyers balling out 39 pins above his average. Game 2 saw the Stortz brothers throw up a 219 and 244 to win game 2. The 3rd game saw Mike Reiter get hot with a 181, but it wasn’t enough to overcome a 235 from Tom and 224 from Jordan in the 3rd game. PW moved to .500 and CGC is looking to rebound strongly the next week. Definitely no foreshadowing.
  • Judging by the scores of Anything But The Bottom vs Rack City, it was probably the game of the week. Game 1 was decided by 37 pins, game 2 by 11, and game 3 by 12. Rack City took 3 of 4 but lets give some props to ABTB for staying tough all 3 games. Rack City had the highest league series total this week with 2396, led by the 2nd league high series total 724  by Scott Gingrich. Chris Cribbs has also been consistent with a solid 640 series. On ABTB, Bobby rolled a 611 and Chris Leffbine was 15 pins above his average.
  • In a back and forth shoot out, South Philly Leisure Sports and Two Strikes Short of a Turkey bowled to a 2-2 split. Monster games by Nichole in game 2 (299) and Rich Anderson in game 3 (289) were quite impressive. Rich’s 653 season kept his league high average at 221. TSSofT stays at the top of the leaders board tied with Rack City while South Philly stayed at .500
  • Banana Split took it to Rooster Illusion to snag all 4 games. Mike Richman continues his strong performance posting the 2nd high total of the night at 687. Consistent bowling from the rest of the team, with spotlight on Joey To’s 256, helped earn the victory. Greg Mortka rolled 11 pins above his average for RI.
  • Pocket Pounders came out of the gate hot with an 877 to start set the tone for the game. This gave them an early lead which Revenge of the Split couldn’t quite overcome in total. Oddly though after a hot start, they started to fizzle and RofS pounced in game 3 with a big game from Nicole of 187. RotS stays in 4th while the PP’s move slightly above .500
  • Strike You had the bye week and got off to a slow start only to rebound and take 3 of 4. They also posted the high team game of the week at 879. Robert White had a solid 677 series to continue his strong bowling on the year.
  • Bowling Green Massacre pulled the broom out on Manly Men to take all 4. Ben Herman’s 182 was 69 pins above average which would generally be league best except for some near perfect games.. Andrew Bennan also fired a 172 in game 2 for a 38 pin advantage. Manly Men moved to 15 and 17 on the season while BGM jumped up 4 games.