League Update Week 9

Let’s start with the music and lighting which wasn’t necessarily ideal for “league” bowling. People look at me and say “why are they playing this music?” First off, I don’t tell South Bowl what to do. I can tell them that the league members weren’t huge fans of what was playing. If you feel strongly, which some people did, vote and I can show South Bowl:

Do You Like The Funk Music and Dimmed Lights?

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Bracket Update Week 9

This is turning into free bowling for Nichole and I have to ask who is willing to step up to the challenge? Here’s the spreadsheet that I’m pretty sure no one reads but has great stats that nerd bowlers would enjoy.

Mike Stafford and Nick Meyers notched their first wins of the season. Big game in Stafford’s 2nd round when his 255 beat Eric L’s 245. He then knocked off teammate Jim for the victory. Nick Meyers showed that if you can consistently roll above your average, you have a great chance to win as he rolled handicapped games of 216 & 215 against his first 2 round opponents, before knocking off teammate Mike in the finals. What more can I write about Nichole in these brackets? Knocks off Mike in the first round. Trounces Trevor with a 246 in the 2nd and then fends off new whipping boy Evan in the finals for her 4th win.


Nichole x 4
Mike R x 2
Eric L. x 2
Stephen R.
Ricky N.
Sam S
Jim K.
Evan C
Mike S.
Nick M.