League Update Week 19

Strike Jackpot
Let’s get started with birthday boy Rich Curro shooting for the strike jackpot which tallied $175 after 2 missed weeks.

I used my phone to shoot this footage and think I uploaded it incorrectly. Apologies to Rich for the sub-par coverage but congratulations for hitting the money shot and resetting the jackpot. Well earned.


3 brand new winners this week which proves that anyone can win on any given night. Don’t forget you can see this more clearly on the Google Docs along with all of the other advanced state.

  • Bracket #1 was claimed by first timer Melvin Turner who slayed a few giants on his way to victory. Toting a nice handicap, and exceeding it, is a good way to win. Evan Cohen’s hot start was not enough when a meltdown occurred in game 3 in the finals.
  • Yours truly rolled through the competition to take down my first bracket in who knows how many weeks.
  • Alan Drazen ate his Wheaties and was a total monster on the lanes destroying not only his average, but anyone opponent that got in his way. Nice work.

This is a video on Facebook of Rick K. attempting to roll a 290. The competition gets better every week.

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