League Update Week 17

Let’s get started with an exciting video of Scott going for a perfect game.

We are going to need some other people to step up so Scott doesn’t dominate the air time. Just kidding obviously as 300’s are tough to come by (by normal standards) and Scott deserves this one after last time.

Bracket Week 17

We had 3 brand new bracket winners this week which is good for the sport. The scores may not be exact for some, and this is because if you tell me you lost, I don’t bother to get your exact number. You’ll also see my name in a there a few times with a 1 as a score, this is a bye because we were short 2 people to fill them.

  • Rick edged me in the last frame throwing 2 strikes in the 10th to seal the W. I’ll be the first to say that I was surprised Rick came through in the clutch. Nice work, jerk.
  • I’m going to go out on a limb and give Chris a nomination for top notch bracket player as consistency is what it takes to win these, and 3 games over 200 did the job. He ousted a red hot Sam who couldn’t find the rhythm in game 3.
  • The 3rd bracket was won by none other than Anthony I whose new ball is already paying dividends. With his handicap, he put on 200+ games and took down the competition without much fight. Well done after a few finals appearances and no cash to show.

Strike Jackpot

I didn’t get footage of Frank missing the shot. I believe we are carrying over $100+ into next week. I try to get footage of the shot each week, but I don’t know when people are going all the time so if anyone can take their phone out and document it if you are on the lane, that’d be great.

No Bowling 2/5/18

South Bowl rented out the space because this is how they stay in business. No bowling next week.