League Update Week 14

16 people visited the site yesterday in hot anticipation of my recap, which is 16 more than I thought would visit. As I wrote in the very beginning of this project, I have no idea what the expectations are or what direction this will go. I’m figuring it out as we go along so hang with it.

Week 14 brought action that sets the tone for the position round of the 1st half. My first season I had no idea what a position round was. Essentially 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4, 5 plays 6, and so on. It gives people in the standings the ability to move up. Since there is no playoff round at the end of the first half, where you finish in the standings is the amount of money your team is awarded. Here is the money that goes with each place.

Yes, we have 13 teams now. Yes, there is additional money from the Strike Jackpot. We’ll have this revised. If any teams are added for the 2nd half, we’ll keep everyone up to date. A final note, I’m well aware that some teams played the bye more than once and some teams didn’t play it at all. From my perspective, this is a relatively new league and we are looking to fill it. What that means is getting 16 teams who are all in it for the same purpose. When that gets established, we can have a more democratic and even idea about what everyone wants and is looking for. Stability occurs when this happens. For now, we make the best of what we have.

Week 14 Recap

  • Banana Split played the bye and gave away 1 game. Joey and Ricky rolled at least 15 pins above their average and Mike Richman continued his ever consistent bowling. The team had a meltdown in game 2 to give away the sweep. There has been some chatter about % vs games played at the top and we’ll resolve it through the break.
  • Anything But The Bottom, the Cinderella of the league from my eyes (and theirs based on their name), lost 3 of 4 to Revenge of the Split with one sided games throughout. Without writing the other recaps, I’d have to give Neil Dessecker a pat on the back for his 556 series which was about 80 pins over his average. Bobby Rodgers missed a 600 series by a pin. Brittany’s 333 series was about 16 pins over avg for much improvement as the season progresses. These two teams are 4 and 5 right now but I have to see if a higher avg gets a tie-breaker or if it’s head to head.
  • Strike You put on a dominant performance to take all 4 vs the Gentlemen’s Club.  By dominant, we’re talking the highest team series BY 140 PINS. It was also the 2nd highest single scratch game.  A bar has been set. Justin Wildon put on a show with a 746 series showing he’s fully back from his injury. Suitable back up by Luis, Eric, and Trevor with a 659, 642, and 595 respectively. Lost in the shuffle was Bob Cohen and his 580 series, which was about 25 pins above average, and Alan Drazen’s 474 which was also 20+ pins above.
  • Ugh. I have to write about my team’s game. Knowing the outcome this isn’t so much fun. Here goes. Prestige Worldwide. Worldwide. Worldwide. won the first game with a 267 from my brother Sam. It was all Rack City from there as they took came 2 behind Chris’s 234 and Scott’s 257. Game 3 was also Rack City as all 4 of their bowlers were right near or over 200. The final frame was set up so all I had to do was mark to win the team total and….I blew it. Scott struck out to slice my throat and our team by 1 total pin and that’s all she wrote. Moving on.
  • Two Stirkes Short of a Turkey took 3 from a hard fighting Manly Men team. Rich Anderson rolled a beast of series with a 722 to lead his team. After the 15-1 start, TSSofT find themselves in 3rd place due to my missing that single pin. We’ll have a verdict moving forward.
  • Bowling Green Massacre and South Philly Leisure Sports battled it out to a 2-2 tie. Game 2 looked extra close as SPLS took it by 1 pin. Dom was rolling his mind out being over avg by near 40 pins in 2 of the 3 games. Nichole eclipsed the 600 mark by 54 pins after getting hot in the 2nd game and kept it rolling. I have this feeling that Anthony is going to break out next week. Mark my words.
  • The Pocket Pounders took 3 from Rooster Illusion in non-dramatic format. Jim is finding his stride with his “new” ball that put up a 651 series. Greg Mortka for RI rolled well in game 2 with a 190. Apologies for the lack of write up for the final matchup. I get a little worn out from the same adjectives and story lines.