League Update Week 12

This week’s brackets had 3 repeat winners in Sam S, Eric L., and Scott G. Next week we will not be doing brackets. I’m getting a sense of bracket burnout and to combat this we will turn this into a bi-weekly occurrence. It gives me a break and should keep attendance high. I understand there may be some people who do want to do it every week, but I can’t walk around and ask people who jump in and out to fill 24. I’ll admit the formula has been better, but it’s still more than I want to do week in and week out. This has to be fixed before I come to the lanes. Fixed as in not changing instead of broken.

Sam’s steady bowling near his average took advantage of opponents rolling a bit below their average. Eric rolled a big 685 series which is generally going to win most games. Not to go home empty handed, Scott put up a 791 which will pretty much win any bracket.


Nichole x 4
Mike Richman x 2
Eric L. x 3
Ricky N. x 2
Scott G. x 2
Sam S. x 2
Stephen R.
Jim K.
Evan C
Mike S.
Nick M.
Justin W.
Trevor M.
Robert W.
Patrick T.

Strike Jackpot 11/27/17

I was basing my reaction off of Melvin’s. Yes, I’m a dick.