League Update Week 11

Last night we had good response from the music side so hopefully everyone was bowling happy.

Not much new to write about so I’ll get to the bracket recap. Please note that I may not have every score exactly right in the bracket because some games are over before they complete and I’ll guess on a score. You’ll also see my name a bunch of times, this is because of byes for that night. Week 11 had no byes which is what we are striving for. Also, if you want to be in the brackets and I haven’t asked you, just ask me and we can find a spot most nights. You can see all of the bracket info, and more detailed stats here.

Week 10 Brackets

Ricky Nguyen was the master of close calls in Bracket 1 winning the first match by 9, the second by 5, and the finals by 4. Scott had a chance to take it in the 10th but came up a big short. Bracket 2 was dominated by Robert White who drew a bye in match 1, disposed of Anthony in match 2, and claimed victory over Rich C. I’ll at least mention Rich took down Nichole to stop her winning ways. Justin Wildon, fresh from a knee injury, showed little rust with a dominating 2nd and 3rd game to easily take the bracket.

Week 11 Brackets

Some big scores last night led to some exciting matches. Scott Gingrich notched is first win of the year with a strong 740+ series. He closed out Evan in round 1, took down consistent bowler Mike Richman, and then dominated Anthony for a W. Trevor Mesiter used a series of near 200 games to claim his first victory of the year by beating my brother, Mike Reiter, and Joey To in the finals. Bracket 3 was won by Patrick who after a slow start, heated up and nicked Frank Snyder by 2 pins to claim victory.


Nichole x 4
Mike Richman x 2
Eric L. x 2
Ricky N. x 2
Stephen R.
Sam S.
Jim K.
Evan C
Mike S.
Nick M.
Scott G.
Justin W.
Trevor M.
Robert W.
Patrick T.