Strike Jackpot 3/5/18

Joey stepped up to win $135 dollars annnnnnd…..

We move on to next week where the action will surely be poppin’. That’s what the kids are doing this days right? Poppin’?


First comment is that we had more than 24 people want to do the bracket which is bad and good. Bad because I had to turn people away. Good because we can fill it. I’ll comment that most people were much better about paying on time but there is still that odd moment where people are forgetting their $5. We should be past that by now.

The first bracket was won in unusual manner with Jason rolling an unusually bad first game, only to advance by an even worse unusually bad game by Joey. He narrowly beat Michelle in round 2 and then took out Melvin the Destroyer in the finals.

Jim’s consistent bowling and good series earned him the comfortable win. He disposed of my brother, than dangerous Scott G, and finally Eric L. for the W.

Anthony earned 2x bragging rights by coming out of the gate strong with a 235. He followed it up defeating teammate Emory and then trash talked his way past Greg Goldman. Well done.

League Update Week 20

Strike Jackpot
Rich, who apparently is the only person who buys tickets, was selected for the Strike Jackpot for the 2nd week in a row. In a much less pressure spot due to the size of the jackpot, would he come through with a strike?


I’m a bit pressed for time today as I’m leaving the country and will not be back for next week. Winners included Scott G, Ricky, and after taking a break for a while, bracket queen Nichole.

I can’t imagine anyone would want to host the brackets next week so they will be shelved until  I get back.

League Update Week 19

Strike Jackpot
Let’s get started with birthday boy Rich Curro shooting for the strike jackpot which tallied $175 after 2 missed weeks.

I used my phone to shoot this footage and think I uploaded it incorrectly. Apologies to Rich for the sub-par coverage but congratulations for hitting the money shot and resetting the jackpot. Well earned.


3 brand new winners this week which proves that anyone can win on any given night. Don’t forget you can see this more clearly on the Google Docs along with all of the other advanced state.

  • Bracket #1 was claimed by first timer Melvin Turner who slayed a few giants on his way to victory. Toting a nice handicap, and exceeding it, is a good way to win. Evan Cohen’s hot start was not enough when a meltdown occurred in game 3 in the finals.
  • Yours truly rolled through the competition to take down my first bracket in who knows how many weeks.
  • Alan Drazen ate his Wheaties and was a total monster on the lanes destroying not only his average, but anyone opponent that got in his way. Nice work.

This is a video on Facebook of Rick K. attempting to roll a 290. The competition gets better every week.

League Update Week 17

Let’s get started with an exciting video of Scott going for a perfect game.

We are going to need some other people to step up so Scott doesn’t dominate the air time. Just kidding obviously as 300’s are tough to come by (by normal standards) and Scott deserves this one after last time.

Bracket Week 17

We had 3 brand new bracket winners this week which is good for the sport. The scores may not be exact for some, and this is because if you tell me you lost, I don’t bother to get your exact number. You’ll also see my name in a there a few times with a 1 as a score, this is a bye because we were short 2 people to fill them.

  • Rick edged me in the last frame throwing 2 strikes in the 10th to seal the W. I’ll be the first to say that I was surprised Rick came through in the clutch. Nice work, jerk.
  • I’m going to go out on a limb and give Chris a nomination for top notch bracket player as consistency is what it takes to win these, and 3 games over 200 did the job. He ousted a red hot Sam who couldn’t find the rhythm in game 3.
  • The 3rd bracket was won by none other than Anthony I whose new ball is already paying dividends. With his handicap, he put on 200+ games and took down the competition without much fight. Well done after a few finals appearances and no cash to show.

Strike Jackpot

I didn’t get footage of Frank missing the shot. I believe we are carrying over $100+ into next week. I try to get footage of the shot each week, but I don’t know when people are going all the time so if anyone can take their phone out and document it if you are on the lane, that’d be great.

No Bowling 2/5/18

South Bowl rented out the space because this is how they stay in business. No bowling next week.

Summarizing 1st Half Thoughts

1st Half Final Standings

Final standings and payouts will be posted shortly. The sheet was printed last night but there was some issue with updating league secretary.  This will be clearly written in an email to the league and on this site.


Good news moving forward is that for the 2nd half of the season there will be 2 new teams added. They will be unable to qualify for the playoffs, but will take place in the payouts for the 2nd half. The new teams are the Gutterfingers and Broad St. Ballers.  Make them feel welcome.

Strike Jackpot & Video

I’ll do a better job getting the strike jackpot shots on film because people like to see themselves on camera. We’ll also do a better job tracking it and making it clear if it is carrying over or if it was hit. I know Joey Tso hit it last night. Also, if you have video of say Scott shooting at the 300 from last night, get that to me so I can post it on the site. Maybe I’ll create a dropbox so we can share the info and I can add it to YouTube.


The brackets are a middling feature. The current system requires too much maintenance. If I bring 3 brackets with 24 people preset, then on that day 3 people don’t show up, I’m scrambling to find 3 new people to fill the brackets, while also making sure the other 21 want to do it. Combing collecting the money and the lack of new entrants, I think it got a bit stale.

What I think may be better is to have a board when you walk in, you pay 5 dollars , get a random #, then apply that # to the board (which will have a place for your that #)  and brackets can get set without any organization as long as we have an idea of how many people want to do it. Anthony and I are thinking it through but this would allow it to run itself.


If you know this series, we can be friends.

I think this league is a lot of fun and I enjoy this site. I’ve gotten some comments that people like the recaps and I still think there is more that we can do. Truth be told, I fizzled out as the season progressed because I didn’t think people cared. As the 2nd half gets started, I’m feeling the excitement level rise. Having 15 teams, with the goal being to get 16, makes it cool to know that we are almost at the point of having a waiting list.

Stay tuned for further updates once all of the scores get posted.

League Update Week 12

This week’s brackets had 3 repeat winners in Sam S, Eric L., and Scott G. Next week we will not be doing brackets. I’m getting a sense of bracket burnout and to combat this we will turn this into a bi-weekly occurrence. It gives me a break and should keep attendance high. I understand there may be some people who do want to do it every week, but I can’t walk around and ask people who jump in and out to fill 24. I’ll admit the formula has been better, but it’s still more than I want to do week in and week out. This has to be fixed before I come to the lanes. Fixed as in not changing instead of broken.

Sam’s steady bowling near his average took advantage of opponents rolling a bit below their average. Eric rolled a big 685 series which is generally going to win most games. Not to go home empty handed, Scott put up a 791 which will pretty much win any bracket.


Nichole x 4
Mike Richman x 2
Eric L. x 3
Ricky N. x 2
Scott G. x 2
Sam S. x 2
Stephen R.
Jim K.
Evan C
Mike S.
Nick M.
Justin W.
Trevor M.
Robert W.
Patrick T.

Strike Jackpot 11/27/17

I was basing my reaction off of Melvin’s. Yes, I’m a dick.

Week 12 Recap

3 more Monday’s remain until the end of the first half. The top is relatively crowded and 4-0 weeks can turn the tides quickly.  Brackets and the Strike Jackpot will go up tomorrow but I left my shit in the car. I don’t know what to say about the music situation. Management has been alerted and their is an obvious disconnect between what the DJ wants to play and what the league wants to hear. What’s odd to me is that if you are the DJ, wouldn’t you be considered a good DJ if you played what the crowd wanted and vice versa? Business 101, it’s all about the audience. Onward.

  • Big matchup with near equal records and SPLS rolled a big fat doughnut. Hats off to Anything But The Bottom who continues their steady play with wins week in week out to currently reside in 6th place and well within striking distance. Let’s give credit for the pun where credit is due. Nichole’s 635 series was unable to make up for the absent bowler and medium team support. Bobby Rodgers blew the roof off with a 661 series and got nice help from Brittany who rolled 16 pins above her average.
  • Rack City vs Pockets Pounders was a match with 2 solid teams who are hungry for wins. Scott G’s 791 series set a new league high with monster 2nd and 3rd games of 276 and 279 (game 3 at 236 wasn’t too shabby either). Rich Curro and Michelle added nice support with a 614 & 556 series which was 20 pins and 16 above avg respectively. The Pounders got off to another slow start losing game 1 and game 2 and then coming alive for a big game 3 that saw an 850 game. Michael and Jim both rolled 615 series.
  • Rooster Illusion took care of business to pick up the much needed 4 wins to keep them in the running if they can pull off some sweeps moving forward. Ed Mount rolled 3 nice games that were 18 pins above average for the series.
  • Banana Split is giving Two Strikes Short of a Turkey some uncomfortable breathing room at the top taking 3 games against Bowling Green Massacre. These were hard fought games by both teams with BS taking the edge. Mike Richman rolled a 647 series to extend a nice string of weeks in a row. Joey and Ricky provided dependable back up. BGM’s bowling looks tight on the stat sheet with each bowler rolling a few pins above their average. This will win games.
  • In the battle of Goliath and, well, Goliath, TSSoaT took 3 games from Stirke You in a final game that came down to the 10th. I looked over at the end of the 1st game and saw Strike You close out the 10th with what looked like 12 strikes. I wasn’t paying that close of attention though. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as TSSoaT got even hotter rolling the high game of the night (864) in game 2 and finishing with an 821. Rich led the way with a 724 with 3 games within 9 pins. Warren kept pace with a well thrown 625. Eric tried to stay with Rich with the 3rd highest series of the night at 683.
  • The Cheerleaders Gentleman’s club showed up with fresh new uniforms hoping to boost morale to push through the end of the season, but it wasn’t enough as a 2-2 tie was drawn out against Revenge of the Split. The final game came down to a mere 7 pins which most have been some clutch bowling from the anchor. Nicole and Christina managed to roll within 1 pin of each other for their series total which I find comical. Kurt keeps his average bumping upward. I see improvement from the Gentleman’s club week in and week out and it’s only a matter of time before they start turning some heads. Mike Reiter stands out for bowling 16 pins over average. The rest of the team was almost exactly on their average. Time will tell.
  • If you’ve made it this far congratufuckinglations because I get to write about my team and Manly Men’s match. First off, Manly Men with a 4 man team is no push over. These guys can drink their face off and with some practice and polish, can win some games. Prestige Worldwide started off with a victory on game 1 behind my 224. Game 2 was earned by the Men with all 4 members rolling plus average games. Game 3 saw Evan unleash with a 243 and that was the icing on the cake to put it away 3-1. I’m not a huge fan of 15 and 16 but it’s mostly a mental thing.

League Update Week 8

Week 8 brought about the most exciting bowling week yet. There were 3 near 300 games and only 1 was camera worthy. Scott Gingrich took 9 straight into the 10th only to split. Rich Anderson was able to get to the 11th ball and ended up going Brooklyn to leave the camera in the bag. Our one bowler who had a shot for all the glory was none other than Nichole DiGiorigo. Considering all eyes were on her for this shot, I’m pretty sure you know what happens:

Sorry I hyped that up for a 299, but that’s the way it is. Congratulations to Nichole who, correct me if I’m wrong, notched her career high.

Brackets Week 8

This was easily the best week we’ve had with bracket organization. I had 20 people who I could count on to do it ahead of time and only had to fill in 4 spots. I had someone say, “I would do it, but you never asked me.” When I hear this  I know people either don’t get the emails (or don’t check their email) or don’t know the website exists. If you somehow read this paragraph and say to yourself that you’d like to do it, email me at and I’ll include you. I don’t mind doing 4 brackets if I can get 4 brackets set ahead of schedule.

As this league progresses I’ll stop reiterating the same info. The link below is where you can see the bracket results AND other great stats my brother takes the time to organize. If you like the league, you should visit this link.

South Bowl League Spreadsheet (if you can’t see it I may have to adjust the access) (Stat tabs are at the bottom)

Here are the results in an image for those that don’t like to click links.

Mike Richman goes back to back in dominant fashion. A good way to turn a bracket skeptic into a reg is winning. New entrant Stephen R. took down bracket 2 by notching Anthony by 1 pin in round 1, taking advantage of an off game by Rich C. in round 2, and then beating teammate Frank for the W. The 3rd bracket was Nichole’s to win after Eric rolled a 169 in the final game, but apparently she used up all her mojo with her 299 as she let her possible league leading 4th victory fall through the cracks. Eric gets his 2nd win highlighted by a 245 2nd game beating bracket whipping boy Scott G.


Nichole x 3
Mike R x 2
Eric L. x 2
Stephen R.
Ricky N.
Sam S
Jim K.
Evan C

I’m looking forward to next week and maybe we can set 32 set ahead of time…if anyone reads this.

League Update Week 7

I’m always somewhat surprised when I hear from people that they don’t know that the website exists or that they don’t get league emails. It’s one of those spots where unless I physically ask people for their contact info, they will continue not knowing about it. If you talk to someone who falls in this boat, help me out and get their email address and tell Nichole, Anthony, or myself.

Either way, the brackets were back in action and I apologize in advance to Alan Drazen for having his handicap incorrect, and his winning game 1. If his game 2 was higher than 173, I’ll feel even worse. I will make it up to him next week either way. Here are the results (click for closeup):

Nichole DiGiorgio is running over the brackets with her 3rd win of the season. Mike Richman won the other side with solid games throughout.

My brother has set up this sheet which contains the results to the bracket and enhanced scoring data (tabs below on the sheet) that is really great. Check it out.

Brackets & Data

Regarding the strike jackpot, I didn’t have my camera ready and took a blurry video that isn’t even worth showing. Part of these errors are from trying to do too much and, frankly, learning the best way to handle these situations. Most likely there will be some delegation moving forward to assist and start getting it all moving like a well oiled machine. This is only week 7, more to come.