Strike Jackpot 1/22/18

Anthony, new ball and all, managed to pick his own lucky lottery number for the “first time” in ages. Was the new ball enough to overcome his lack of confidence?

Alas, it was not. Strike Jackpot moves onto next week. Let’s juice it up!

Strike Jackpot 11/20/17

Did you think this website had fizzled out? Get serious. League Secretary was updated late and I had a malfunction on the brackets. I’ll most likely skip week 10 and move right into week 11. I will post the brackets for the last 2 weeks tomorrow.

Good to see Chris Leffibine roll the dice on a strike jackpot. The Jackpot has been hit about 3 weeks in a row and the question is, will Chris make it 4?

For the love of god our bowlers are too good! Chris resets the jackpot again and we’ll be looking to pick it up next week. Stay tuned.

Strike Jackpot 11/6/17

Fan favorite Rich Curro earns his strike jackpot shot by out bidding the field. Would this high risk, low reward gamble pay off?

Damn straight. This guy has nerves of steel. The strike jackpot will reset and the bracket break down will be updated tomorrow along with an option for the league.

Strike Jackpot 10/30/17

After a 2 week hiatus, the Strike Jackpot shot is back! I shot a blurry video of Rick K. missing last week that wasn’t worth using, but I was able to take good video of Chris Cribbs shooting a $90+ shot. Did he come up clutch?

Yes, sir. Chris pockets the money and we reset for next week.

This post will be a teaser for tomorrow because this week was an absolute phenomenal week of bowling. From the brackets to the bowling, I’ll have a full update tomorrow with details.

Strike Jackpot 10/9/17

I said I would get these posted Monday night so let me add some buildup. Scott G. nails the lottery Strike Jackpot for the 2nd week in a row, defying all odds…will he deliver?

That’s called an auto-strike where I’m from. Hilarious how Andrew was told to move from the camera viewpoint. We gettin’ fancy. Nevertheless, $88 (it may have been $85, but I’m going off of memory) was hit and we will be restarting for next week. Let’s juice it up for added pressure!

Strike Jackpot 10/2/17

This evening’s strike jackpot was $41 after it being hit last week on a beauty of a shot by Nichole. The lucky winner was arguably the most seasoned bowler in our league, Scott G. Rich Anderson may have a remark about my last sentence. Even still, for a guy that knows how to throw strikes on strikes, this is an easy 40 bucks in his pocket. Did it go as expected?

The strike jackpot lives on. I apologize for my camera work but the force of the ball hitting the pins was so much it shook the camera. I promise this will improve. I’ve made a few empty promises that I’ll touch on in the next post.

I’m thinking that this website will run on a schedule. I’ll upload the jackpot shot Monday night. Use the footage and content for the night in a post on Tuesday. Whenever league secretary is updated, I’ll recap the scores. So it goes.

Strike Jackpot 9/25/17

The strike jackpot raised another $110 which breaks down into $55 more for the prize fund and $55 to the strike jackpot bringing the total to $165. The lucky bowler was going to have one foot in the frying pan and one in the pressure cooker. I’ll probably be referencing Kingpin all season so get used to it. Anthony must have been summoning his inner team chemistry as Nichole from South Philly Leisure Sports was chosen. Did Nichole have the resolve to put forth a dynamite strike shot to take the cash? Well………..

Nichole Shooting for $165

The strike jackpot was hit tonight by an unbelievably crisp shot in the pocket by Nichole. Where did she learn to topple the pins forward like that? Either way, Nichole walks away with the cash and the jackpot is reset for next week. My camera skills are still lacking so you’ll have to bear with the amateur quality. Here are a few more videos of the Pocket Pounders who I was standing behind.

Rick in the Finals of the Bracket

Jim Dominating the Bracket

Patrick Bowling

Strike Jackpot 9/18/17

With the 1st week being missed by Rick K, in a shot I didn’t see, the Strike Jackpot rose to $55 dollars. The 2nd week brought another $55 to the prize pool adding extra pressure. ┬áThe lucky winner was Chris Reed from South Philly Leisure Sports. Considering this was my very first time recording any video of substance, I’d have to give it a 5/10. Chris’s performance was…well you tell me.

Unfortunately Chris missed. Darn. And the $110 will be carried over into whatever we bring next week. Bring your $5 bills to add extra pressure on the shot.

Note, I’m not trying to be a creep with the camera, but everyone likes watching themselves. If anyone is opposed to taking footage, let me know.

Here is Scott G going for 8 in a row